Your memories in a beautiful hardback book

People, places, family stories ... you have so many memories to share. You have the photos, letters and other treasures too - but all gathering dust in the attic. Who will remember those people, those places, those times?

With Family Stories it's easy: 

  • You tell us your stories
  • We'll create your book, professionally-written and packed with pictures
  • Your family will treasure it for ever

Memories are fragile, and time keeps ticking by. You have the stories, we have the expertise. We'll help you preserve those precious stories and keep the memories alive.

Each Family Stories book is an heirloom. To make your book extra special, we add plenty of pictures and use colour and great design so that every page is a visual treat, enticing your readers to enjoy your story. The books are in landscape format, printed on top quality paper. Prices start at £1,500 for writing, designing and printing three copies of a Family Stories book.


Mum's childhood memories and stories of her grandparents and ancestors are beautifully written and illustrated with photos, drawings and old letters. The book is a lovely memorial to mum and will be passed on through the generations.

Peter Woolnough 
Family Stories customer

Click on the image below to see extracts from one of our books. 

Caroline's parents and cat
Caroline's auntie


Packed with your highlights 

Tell the story of a chapter of your life, a significant event or a hobby. Keep a colourful record of a special project such as creating a garden or restoring a vintage car. Perfect for celebrating life's highlights, Bronze Books make great gifts for a special anniversary.

  • 3 super hardback books.
  • Around 40 pages.
  • Up to 7,500 words.
  • Up to 30 pictures.
  • £1,500


All the essentials in a simply stunning book

Tell the story of your life, your work, your family, your ancestors. We'll add your photos and memorabilia on every page to produce a wonderful coffee-table book packed with fascinating memories. Your Silver Book will be treasured by all the family.

  • 5 sumptuous hardback books.
  • Around 60 pages.
  • Up to 12,000 words.
  • Up to 60 pictures.
  • £2,250


More choices, more books, more features

Childhood memories, tales going back over generations, milestones in your life, all portrayed in a gorgeous heirloom book packed with stories and pictures. You'll have plenty of space to do justice to your story and lots of options for making your special book even more individual. 

  • 10 superb hardback books.
  • Around 100 pages.
  • Up to 24,000 words.
  • Up to 100 pictures.
  • £4,450