What You Say

What you say about Family Stories books …

Just a note to say how pleased I and my family are with the books. It started out with an order for six books of the Bronze (cheaper) version. I then changed my mind and went for the Silver version, and how pleased I am that I did. Numbers went up from six, to eight, to ten and now 17 because so many of my family and friends want a copy! The grandchildren say more people should do this, because they have found out so much about my life and their past. Several of my grandchildren have said I should have given the books as Christmas presents, they like them so much. Thank you.


Talking about my childhood for my Family Stories book brought back even more memories of my parents and grandparents. It was fun to do, and I loved going through the old photos with my daughter, choosing the best ones to include in my book. I’m very pleased that the pictures and stories are saved for my children and grandchildren.


Mum's childhood memories and stories of her grandparents and ancestors are beautifully written and illustrated with photos, drawings and old letters. The book is a lovely memorial to mum and will be passed on through the generations.


Such a lovely tone of voice. And the way you've broken things down into bite-sized chunks, making the history easier to grasp ... so good.


Thank you so much for the lovely surprise of finding my aunt’s book pushed through the letterbox when I got home today. I have only had time for a quick flick through so far. I can't wait till the weekend now when I will be able to really enjoy exploring all the stories.


I have just seen Auntie Grace’s ‘Yellow Chick’ book. It’s wonderful! Congratulations on your production, it filled in a lot of gaps for me and will be fascinating for my children, Beth and Matthew, who never knew my Dad.


I am a professional writer myself and I was very impressed with the quality of the Family Stories writing: it made the stories come alive.


We have indeed received your book and found it utterly fascinating. We were also very impressed by your research and the presentation of all that history. I have been wandering around the house and garden knowing who has been part of its history which is really nice. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Meira and Richard