Your Silver Book

Keeping your memories alive

Have you ever wished you could keep safe the stories your parents and grandparents told?  Childhoods lived at the turn of the last century, lives loved and lost in two world wars, lifestyles so very  different to our own?  It's easy to forget and lose all those stories your own children and grandchildren would so love to have.

That's where Family Stories Silver books come in!  Silver books are specially designed with your family stories - and your budget - in mind:

  • Five super quality hardback books with full colour on every page.
  • All the complicated stuff done for your approval:  writing, designing, printing.
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Elias's story

How it works

You have the story, we have the experience!  At Family Stories, we make it easy for you:

  • You contact us for an informal chat about what you want for your family stories.
  • We agree on what's going to work best for you and give you an idea of timescale for your book.
  • You sign your Family Stories contract.
  • Your one-to-one interview usually takes place in your home and you'll have our undivided attention for up to five hours, so that we can get an insight into your story.
  • We record your interview and write your family story from your own words.
  • You supply up to 60 pictures, including pictures of mementoes (for example, a piece of jewellery, a theatre programme, a book) for inclusion in your individually designed Family Stories book. 
  • You choose how many books you would like to share with your family and friends.  Three books are included in your Silver package, but you may order as many as you like at a great value additional cost per book.
  • We agree on the shape and content of your story.
  • When you're happy, we supply a draft of the words for you to read and carefully check.  At this stage, you may make minor amendments at no additional cost.
  • We liaise with our designer, choose a colour scheme for your book, and supply you with page proofs so you can see exactly how gorgeous your book is going to be!  Any form of rewriting or amendments are chargeable at this stage.  Errors on our part are, of course, corrected without charge.
  • We supply you with final proofs.  Again, to be read very carefully.
  • We liaise with our printer and arrange for your chosen number of books to be printed.
  • You waylay the postman, grab your parcel, and start sharing your beautiful hardback Family Stories books with the people who matter most in the world!

Your investment

Your Family Stories are invaluable because they are future generations' connection to your shared past.  They bring you and your own past alive.

We have worked very hard to bring you top quality writing, design, and print and make it affordable.  You'll be investing £2,250 in writing, designing and printing your five Family Stories books.  Payments are made in three easy stages.  Your Family Stories contract will contain all this information.

Got lots of people who want to share Your Family Stories?  Easy!  More copies of your book are available at a great value additional cost either at the time of commissioning or as a separate print run.

Updating your book

Life moves on - that's why it's so important to record what's gone before.  If you'd like to update your Family Stories book to record the changes in your life, it's easy.  Let us know what you have in mind and we'll give you a quote for reprinting your book with the additional material.

Talk to us!

By now, you'll have all sorts of ideas for your own family story. Contact us by email or phone for an informal chat about preserving your family stories. Call Elizabeth Aldridge on 01473 214853

Elizabeth Aldridge