Your story

You've got a great story! Now let's share it. At Family Stories we're passionate about the memories that make us all special and we'll help you tell your story exactly how you want to tell it. Family Stories books are individually designed, so your book will be unique to you and your special story. Pictures, mementoes or family treasures bring your Family Stories book to life in a very special way.

Here are some ideas to get you raring to go. We love to help you tell your stories of:

  • Quiet, loving lives
  • Great achievements
  • Happy childhoods
  • Absorbing careers, work and workmates
  • Travel, other countries and ways of life
  • Parents, grandparents and ancestors
  • Ghost stories, funny kids, precious pets
  • Loves, lives, milestones

You might have it all written down, or perhaps it's all still  in your head. We'll help you sort and formulate your ideas, and help you decide exactly how to tell your story.

I am a professional writer myself and I was very impressed with the quality of the Family Stories writing:  it made the stories come alive.

Richard Atkins
mum and grandma paddling

five brothers
wedding day

Whether it's the story of your life, your business, your work, your family, your hobbies or passions - or the story of your mum or your grandad - Family Stories helps you tell your story so that others want to read it!