Your Story Portrait

Your ancestors on the wall in a canvas print collage

Dig out that box of wonderful family portraits from days gone by and bring your parents and ancestors together in one highly individual picture with text panels describing their lives.

Personalities, beliefs, what they did, how they met … we'll bring everything together and tell their stories in words and pictures in one contemporary canvas print to hang on the wall.

Show their stories in your collage picture …

Show all your favourite ancestors' photos in one picture, so you can see them side by side with their stories: mum and her sister clutching buckets and spades; your grandparents’ 1920s wedding with all those guests in pudding-basin hats; grandfather as a young lad in army uniform; and young grannie with a bow in her hair, in black stockings and white embroidered dress.

Add in that picture of the family home with roses around the front door. And include great grandfather looking stern and solemn in a head-and-shoulders portrait; and again looking more relaxed as a younger man, posing on a pretend balcony in the photographer’s studio with great grandmother by his side.

How it works

  • You choose your favourite photos of the people and places you would like to include
  • You tell us their stories
  • Together we'll make the final selection of about nine pictures
  • We'll write your stories in four or five short articles then mix them with your photos to create a highly individual piece of art
  • We'll print it on canvas and deliver it ready for you to hang on the wall and admire!

Story Portraits start at £350 for a canvas collage print size 40cm x 50cm.

Set off your picture with an elegant frame if you wish.

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